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Production of Crystal

“Lead Crystal” is made from a mixture of sand, potash and lead oxide.

Row material boiled in stoves at 1000s of degrees until it melts.  During the fusing and melting of the raw ingridients which form lead crystal, gases are evolved and air is trapped. Although virtually all of these bubbles are removed in the refining process small isolated ones sometimes remain and should not be regarded as flaws.

Casted into moulds and rested to cool... At a ratio of  0,7%  there are sometimes mould or tool marks on the surface of some crystal pieces. If slight, these should not be looked upon as imperfections, the marks will not affect the longevity of life of the piece.

Emeried and shaped by talented craftsmen ...These blessed hands are holding hundreds of crystal pieces everyday and faceting every edge on "Emery Stones" which are cooled with non-stop flowing water.

"Shalloma" --  Some pieces are created by artisans by heating and shaping them under propane light i.e "arms", "legs" or "necks" of some figurines. The number of  "Shalloma" artisans are less than a dozen in established countries.

“Gluing” -- All pieces are put together by a special glue for crystal, quality controlled, boxed and presented to your delight to be with you for many years.


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